We were approached by our client and asked what we would recommend to improve the sound of his Aston Martin V8 Vantage without re-creating the whole system.


After looking at a few options we decided that creating an x-pipe section to replace the secondary cats was the best option.






From the factory the V8 is split into 2 separate exhausts until it meets the rear silencer and then straight out of the back of the vehicle.


An x-pipe brings the sound of all 8 cylinders together so that when the sound reaches the rear silencer you get the full V8 beautiful sound instead of 2 lots of 4 cylinders.


We built the original x-pipe on the vehicle and then created a jig so that we could produce the part on demand for future customers.







Whilst the vehicle was in the workshop the customer requested that we fit some carbon body panels he had purchased for the vehicle.







The customer was over joyed and surprised at the sound difference created by a well designed x-pipe section.


Aston Martin V8 Vantage X-pipe can purchased here – www.cskraceexhausts.co.uk/product/v8-vantage-x-pipe/


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