We were approached by our client and asked what we could do with a crash damaged exhaust system on his Westfield with newly fitted Duratec engine. After much deliberation we decided that creating a new system would be the best option and the client agreed so we got to work!

Along with the engine came some exhaust specifications from Northampton Motorsport/SBD who had originally built it. The system that had suffered irreparable damage wasn’t built as closely to spec as we like to do things so our fabricator took it as personal challenge to get it as perfect as physically possible in the space provided.


Once the headers had been lined up on the vehicle our fabricator got to work welding everything together so that he could move onto the next stage of fitting the secondaries into such a small space.



After the secondaries had been worked into the small allocated space it was onto mounting the rear silencer and connecting everything up.



The silencer was then mounted in the correct position and clamped up to the headers which completed the system.



We were extremely happy with the outcome and the customer was delighted too which is the most important thing for us.

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